Gangotra Heritage

Ash Gangotra is an award winning menswear designer born and bred in Nottingham, England. He has spent over three decades designing and manufacturing Menswear that has seen his creative pieces being sold and worn around the globe. With his deep passion for design and detail, some of his past portfolio of work includes being one of the original designers of Pretty Green, Design Director of Bosideng UK and creative arm of Holland Esquire.

Having grown up into a family of tailors and spending years dedicated to his craft, this Made to Measure tailoring brand pays tribute to their rich heritage and his late grandfather who was the first generation of tailors born in 1916.  

The purple and yellow colours of this signature label have been taken as inspiration from the Gangotra Flower which can only be found grown in these two shades.  Derived from the Gangotra region of the Himalayas in northern India, this is also the birthplace of the family ancestors and where their name originates from.

Just like the flower, every made to measure suit is as unique as the Gangotra name and the label that’s sewn in to it.