Custom Shoes

Hand-Crafted and made just for you.

Although Made To Measure Tailoring is the bedrock of Gangotra 1916, we appreciate that having a beautifully fitted custom suit is not the be-all and end-all of looking stylish.  Unless you have the accompanying finishing touches to complement the suit itself the overall image can be completely lost.  Having the right pair of shoes are absolutely critical to achieving the desired impact, which is why Gangotra has introduced its fully customisable range of beautiful hand-made footwear.

Using traditional methods past down from generations, our quality custom made shoes are made entirely by hand in Spain to your specific size and styling preferences.  Whether you want to select a design from our extensive style library or start from scratch, we can make exactly the right pair of shoes to suit you for any occasion. Get your creative juices flowing and start with a blank canvas, so you can create your very own collection of premium shoes, that ensure every single suit or outfit you wear, is finished off with perfection.

Step into my Shoes

Our Shoes speak louder than words